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Delightful event at the Oscar Theater in Stockholm where the stage was furnished with our RGB LED furniture from exclusive Vondom.

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Event or commercial?


Interior.se offers companies renting original design furniture from some of the world's most well-known manufacturers and designers.

We rent design furniture to include commercials, events, fashion photography, congresses, homestyling at home sales, television studios, etc.

Let your guests experience and know real quality furniture without having to spend a lesser fortune. For example, we offer rental of tables with prices from 30,000 and up to over 125,000: - that's something everyone should try!

In addition, we also rent outdoor furniture with prices up to a maximum of 240 000: - for a set of furniture, you want to make a statement and you have come to the right place!

Our prices include Free Shipping & Free Pickup throughout Stockholm.
You will never pay anything more than the product costs a day.

When you hire designer furniture from us, we always count on the following:
| Day 1: Delivery. Day 2: Event day (s) (paid day). Day 3: Pickup |

All prices applicable when renting furniture are stated excluding 25% VAT.

Warm welcome to Interior.se
- Premium Furniture Rental

Rent design furniture

Renting original designer furniture for events organized by companies is a way of showing that you are holding a high level. You allow your guests and customers to use furniture that can cost as much as up to an annual salary.

We offer your company the opportunity to rent designer furniture for events ranging from one day to several weeks. In addition, we also offer companies renting furniture to the office where the rental period may be several years.

We are flexible and always try to adapt to ensure that you as our customer do not stay within certain limits and timetables that many other furniture owners have. Please contact us and we'll tell you more!

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- Premium Furniture Rental

Rent Furniture in Stockholm

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Rent designer furniture for a day or a couple of weeks instead of buying designer furniture is a huge advantage for the bank account, but also for your and your colleagues' sake. We offer a full service where we deliver, build up / assemble and then pick up your rented furniture after the rental period has ended. All you need to do is point where the furniture will stand and we will solve the rest! In this way you can focus on the event or production, not on chopping furniture.

Interior.se is fully automated, which means you will see exactly how much your rented design furniture will cost at the order specification. All our prices are exclusive of VAT, and this is always included except for rentals to companies outside Sweden, as shown by VAT registration number / VAT number.

Renting exclusive design furniture has never been easier, and we hope we can help you make the right impression with your customers and guests!

Warm welcome to Interior.se
- Premium Furniture Rental