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- Rental terms for renting designer furniture for event -

The following rental terms are always accepted prior to the completed order under "Sales Conditions"


1. Prices
Rental price list applicable from 2016.01.01 with reservation for possible prices and changes in product range. Value added tax of 25% is added as well as possible internal handling costs. All prices refer to unit prices and are valid for 3 days (Delivery Date-Expiry Date-Pickup Date).
Friday to Monday is considered a rental day.

2. Order
Upon receipt of orders, an order confirmation will be sent by e-mail with information about ordering. By accepting the order, the customer undertakes to comply with current rental terms. If it turns out that inventory balance was incorrect at the time of customer order, delivery can not be completed, then a replacement item is offered to all customers. to cancel his order.

3. Cancellation
Cancellation or cancellation of orders must be made no later than five business days before delivery date / date of delivery otherwise full rental will be canceled.

4. Card-all. cash payment
All words are always paid directly through one of our partners, PayPal or Payson. The invoice for companies is by agreement.
Identification must always be displayed upon receipt / receipt of rent. If you can not rent a car, you must be notified before delivery.

5. Delayed return
If car rental is not returned on the agreed date, rental is charged on a regular basis until the rental is returned.

6. Responsibility
The lessee is responsible for all rent and packaging during the rental period and is obliged to replace all damage and damage to the full value. Destroyed / replaced material does not accrue to the customer but stays in the owner's ownership. AllForSale Sverige AB is not responsible for any damage that may occur to a person or environment in connection with the use or handling of the rental property.

7. Transport
We always offer delivery and pickup throughout Stockholm County.
Our normal transport times are weekdays 7.00-16.00, weekend and evening deliveries are offered. Additional payment is due if the customer does not have the room available after the agreed time, is not at home or if there are other barriers to relieve. All cargo picked up must be bounced, assembled in one place and easily accessible to the driver.

8. User Information
Keep in mind that rented furniture should be returned in the same condition as at the time of delivery and well cleaned. Furniture may not be stored outdoors in rain and snow and it is not allowed to nite, nail or label the furniture with custom stickers or the like.

9. Condition
Our products have been hired to the event, which means that the products are not in new condition. For example, do you make a movie recording and want a furniture to be in absolute peak? Please contact us and we'll tell you more!